Meet Bishop Jenkins 

Bishop E. Earl Jenkins is the founding pastor of True Love Center in Hamilton, New Jersey. Bishop Jenkins earned his Bachelor of Theology degree from the Eastern Bible College and his Masters Degree in Theology at the Freedom Bible College Seminary.
Best known for his unique method of preaching and teaching an uncompromising Word, Bishop Jenkins utilizes illustrated sermons to communicate his message. 
Lead by God to expand the borders of his influence beyond the church’s walls, Bishop Jenkins formed E.E. Jenkins Ministries as a catalyst to address the need in our community to develop and empower youth. E.E. Jenkins Ministries houses two pivotal programs for youth including S.E.E.D. (Servants Endeavoring to Empower and Develop) Male Mentorship and Ladies In Waiting (LIW) Ministries, which is led in collaboration with his wife Lady Sheila Jenkins.
In 2006, Bishop Jenkins wrote his inaugural book, “Don’t Hate Your Enemies Just Step on Them: The Art of Loving People”. In 2016, Bishop Jenkins released his powerful new book, “The Open-Faced Sandwich: The Art of Effective Communication”.  Both books provide real life tools to effectively love and communicate with people.
Above all, Bishop Jenkins family, his lovely wife Sheila Jenkins and their four children, and three grandchildren, are his life’s greatest treasure. Bishop Jenkins is known for his powerful teachings on the importance of Godly structured families and how the church is the result of the families that is it made up of. Therefore, when he is not preaching the Word, attending youth programs, or imparting into another ministry, he is found at home enjoying his best gift from God, his family.